Public Relations

Keneally Consulting Offer Public Relations in the following ways.

  • Draft and facilitate Media Packs and or Press Releases
  • Develop media marketing lists for mail outs, fax broadcasts and telemarketing.
  • Facilitate individual media interviews.
  • Assist in copy writing for all publicity information.
  • Develop different media stories.

The following media outlets in Australia could be targeted:


  • Evening news
  • Current Affairs programmes.


  • All state talkback shows.
  • All state newsrooms.
  • FM radio lifestyle programmes.


  • All national dailies.
  • All metropolitan and regional newspapers
  • All industry specific reporters.


  • Target relevant magazines.


  • Target all relevant web based media outlets.

Reactive Media:

  • Monitor media on a regular basis and be prepared for issues that may arise.
  • Research journalists as they make contact with the company. This would be coordinated in collaboration with the identified clients appointed liaison personnel.
  • Manage media interviews and sit in on interviews as they happen.
  • Manage media conferences if and when they may develop.
  • Be the first point of contact for any media inquiries to our clients office.

Proactive Media

  • Be available to the appropriate senior staff to develop media messages and responses.
  • Conduct media training for appropriate senior staff and or other staff if required.
  • Work with appropriate senior staff and /or relevant staff, as stories develop, to give appropriate messages.
  • Field media inquiries as appropriate.

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